Starting at Neumann University

I’m excited to announce I’ve accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Biology at Neumann University starting this fall! I’ll be teaching Ecology as well as Environmental Science and the Senior Capstone. Neumann has a commitment to small classes and meaningful interactions between students and professors, and I’m looking forward to meeting my students (both in person and online) in the coming weeks!

aerial view of Neumann University

SICB 2020 Reflections

This past week I had the chance to attend the SICB conference in warm Austin. There was lots of great research to be found, and I discussed a research project begun by Amy Kostka, a URI undergraduate, using citizen science data to investigate anole ecology. I also served as peripatetic blogger for Anole Annals and Life in the City. More details on our work and my favorite presentations in the blogpost.


New Paper Out in General and Comparative Endocrinology!

Blood samples must be taken quickly to assess baseline levels of stress reponse hormones. But how fast is fast enough? Caty Tylan and our host of collaborators, including two high school students (!), studied 4 reptile species to find out. Check out the details!


Back in the Classroom Again!

I’m excited to be in the classroom full time at Davidson College teaching Integrating Concepts in Biology. As I’m developing this course, I’m learning how to bring a stronger focus on concepts and quantitative skills to intro biology. And starting a new biodiversity survey of the campus using iNaturalist!


Returning to Davidson College

Newsflash: This July, I’m starting a 2-year position as a Visiting Professor of Biology at Davidson College, my alma mater. I’m really excited to work with the wonderful students there, collaborate with outstanding colleagues, and hone my teaching and mentoring skills, including developing a Biostats course!


Evolution 2019 Round Up

This past week I had the chance to attend the Evolution conference in nearby Providence. There was lots of great research to be found, and I was able to make my own contribution with a (rare for me) poster looking at impacts of light at night on lizard invasions. I also served as roving blog reporter for Anole Annals and Life in the City. More details on some of my favorite presentations I covered over on the blog.