Back in Miami

Just a quick trip to Miami to wrap up a couple of pieces of research and help lead a training at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden for teachers participating in Lizards on the Loose! this school year. One project I’m looking to finish is a resurvey of the distribution of the Crested Anole (A. cristatellus) in Miami. Following up on a paper by Jason Kolbe et al., we’ll be testing predictions of the factors that influence and constrain how this invasive species is spreading throughout Coral Gables. Today, however, mostly involved sitting in the rental car watching the weather radar and waiting for long enough stretches of sunshine that I could run transects.

The rain couldn’t put a damper on dinner, however. Between rainstorms, I was able to sprint to Pollo Tropical, my favorite Miami food tradition!


And in spite of the weather there were a few anoles out, including this little guy…


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